Bird Walk 6/3/17

When: Saturday, June 3, 8am – 10am

Where: Chapter House (map)
Description: A walk through a 30 acre deciduous forest otherwise known as the 3-D Archery range. This habitat is quite different from where we previously walked and we expect to see new species previously unidentified. Bring binoculars and good walking shoes. Coffee and donuts at 7:30 am. Contact for more information.

Crappie Derby-5/6/17

When: Sat, May 6, 9am – 2pm

Where:Walton Pond (map)

Description: The first place winner will receive $50 and the beautiful bronze trophy, second place $35, and third place $15, based on the number of crappies caught. For more information please contact the Pond Committee at


To view the Chapter's 2017 training offerings click on "Activities" and then select "NRA Firearms Training"

Rifle/Pistol Range Closure 6-7 October, 2016


The Rifle/Pistol Range will be closed to address several maintenance, safety and additional amenity items that were approved during the September General Membership Meeting.

During the range closure, the roof will be repaired, the remaining lanes with exposed ceilings will have soffits installed and repair the holes that were in the roof.  Additional lighting will also be installed to help provide more light when underneath the sheltered lanes and some earth will be moved to facilitate better berm placement.

The rifle/pistol range closure will remain in affect through October 6 and 7 and we'd ask that you limit traffic in the area to allow the construction crews to work without interruption and to avoid any delays.  The range will be open on October 8, 2016.  If you have any questions or concerns, please address them to

Rifle/Pistol Range Work Day Oct. 2, 8am-4pm


Need volunteer hours?  Want to help improve and maintain the amenities at your Chapter?  Come join us for a Rifle/Pistol Range Work Day on October 2, 2016 from 8:00 am - 4:00 pm.  Come for the whole day or just part of it.  The plan is to do some general groundskeeping maintenance and place 8x8s in front of the PVC pipes that hold to target stands to prevent further damage.  If you need further information email