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LCCIWLA 3D Archery and Practice Range


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Our Loudoun County Chapter's 3D Archery and Practice Range occupies nearly half of the eighty-plus acres of the chapter property, and is open to all members in good standing regardless of skill level. Whether you shoot a long bow, re-curve, or compound, the Archery range is a beautiful year round haven for shooting and honing your bowmanship.

For a current copy of the Archery Range Rules please see section 7 of the chapter Rules and Regulations document located in the "Members Area" of the website.

When using the Chapter Range, there are a few housekeeping tips to benefit everyone's enjoyment and safety:

  • Obey all Range rules
  • Help enforce all Range rules
  • 3D Targets or Practice range Targets cannot be modified in any way.
  • It is every shooters duty to notify the Archery Chair or other board members of problems on the Range.
  • Report ALL infractions to HERE.
  • CLEAN UP after yourself! Place all trash either in the trash barrels or the dumpster.
Archery Range Hours
Thirty minutes after sunrise until 30 minutes before sunset daily.


Sixteen of the targets on the 3D range are brand new. Next year, we'll try and replace some more. In the mean time, get out there and shoot! As always if you see a problem, let the Archery Range Officer know, using either our Leadership Directory or the slide out contact form on the left side of your browser window.

archery-iconBoth ranges can always use a bit of upkeep throughout the summer. Please see the Range Task List for things you can do to help improve our ranges, while meeting your annual workday requirement.

Archery Clinics are on the way...stay tuned! We are trying to schedule some instructors for a basic class. This was very successful last year, and we would like to hold another one. Check back here soon for the date and time.