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Who We Are

We are 50,000 people nationwide, 1200+ in our Chapter, who care about conservation, outdoor recreation and protecting our treasured wildlife and natural resources heritage for generations to come.

tracks03We enjoy fishing, hunting, bird-watching, hiking, camping, canoeing and many other types of outdoor recreation. However, our primary reason for joining the League, one that ties us all together as members—is conservation. We go about our business in a responsible way and educate others whose activities jeopardize natural resources.

Throughout the United States we are committed to promoting a common-sense approach to conservation that reflects the public's continued interest in the protection and responsible use of natural resources. All League members have a voice in the formation of League policy; delegates at our annual, national convention vote on conservation policy recommendations submitted by their fellow members.

Many who join the Izaak Walton League belong to one of 330 local Legue Chapters,, and ours is the third largest nationally. Others are involved as members at large. As League members, we promote conservation in our local communities, in states and regions, and nationally.

What We Do

We engage in hands-on, local conservation action, such as monitoring streams through our Save Our Streams Program. We plant trees, restore streams, maintain trails and spend many hours teaching people about safe, ethical hunting through state hunter education courses.

outdoor-ethics-awardPublic Policy
In addition, we educate the general public, as well as local, state and national policy-makers, about conservation and outdoor recreation issues. Our members also work to oppose any policies and practices that threaten public lands, pollute the environment or destroy natural resources.

National Program
The Outdoor Ethics Program promotes responsible outdoor behavior by serving as a clearinghouse of information for League members, state and federal agency representatives, educators and others concerned about outdoor recreation issues.

Other League programs involve members and the public in issues such as clean water, energy efficiency, sustainable farming practices, and the effects of human population and natural resource consumption.

Our History


Izaak Walton

In 1922, 54 anglers and conservationists from Chicago, Ill., joined together to promote clean water. The group named itself the Izaak Walton League of America, after the 17th century author of the literary classic "The Compleat Angler."

The last forty years of Walton's long life seem to have been spent in ideal leisure and occupation, visiting eminent clergymen and others who enjoyed fishing, compiling the biographies of congenial spirits, and collecting a little here and a little there for the enlargement of his famous treatise.

The League has a long history of achievement in conservation and outdoor recreation. For example, the League developed the concept that in 1964 became the Land and Water Conservation Fund, which is used to acquire wildlife habitat and recreation lands for parks, wildlife refuges, and other areas. For decades, the League has played a pivotal role in the passage of almost every major federal environmental law, including many landmark clean water battles.

Our tradition of grassroots action and are carefully considered positions on the many issues that define conservation are the hallmarks of the Izaak Walton League. We are proud to have the reputation of giving anglers, hunters, and other recreationists more for their donated dollar than any other conservation group in the country.

Recently, the chapter embarked on a wildlife study of our eighty-eight acres.  The result is our first video "Spring" which you can view here: See our Wildlife Video

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