Virtual Tour

Around the Chapter

Below is a view of a few of the sites, activities, and walking paths found in the natural environment that our growing chapter has enjoyed for many years. Among the eighty eight acres are the Chapter House, Skeet Range, Archery Range, Hunter Education program, the meticulously managed stocked Pond, numerous Campsites and event Pavilions, and Sight-in Rifle & Pistol Range.

Please enjoy the tour, and feel free to leave a comment.

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  1. Gabriel Thy Gabriel Thy says:

    With thanks to Brian Fisher, who contributed to this year's visual archives...

  2. Many thanks for the visual tour. After watching the tour the wife and I had to visit the site to see for ourselves. As a result of our visit and being very pleased with what we saw,the wife and I are now proud members. Thank you for being true to your advertising. Great job!

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