NRA Firearms Training

NRA instructor class inside Chapter House…

NRA instructor class inside Chapter House…


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2018 LCC-IWLA NRA Firearms Training Courses

Date Course Type of Course Fee
Jan 27 Metallic Cartridge Reloading Basic $85
Feb 10 Range Safety Officer Course (RSO) Range Safety $75
Mar 10 Shotshell Reloading Basic $85
Mar 24 Pistol Instr Eval & Basic Instr Training (BIT) Instructor $150
Mar 30 Pistol Instructor 7pm -10pm
Mar 31 Pistol Instructor 8am - 6pm
Apr 7 Basic Pistol Course Basic $85
Apr 28 Women On Target (WOT) (Ladies Only) Basic $75
May 12 Basic Pistol (Ladies Only) Basic $85
Jun 1 & 2 Personal Protection Inside the Home (PPITH)** Basic $125
Jun 9 Basic Shotgun Course Basic $85
Jun 16 PPOTH Equipment Check Intermediate $175
Jun 29 & 30 Personal Protection Outside the Home (PPOTH) Basic***
Jul 7 Personal Protection Outside the Home (PPOTH) Advanced***
Jul 13 & 14 Basic Rifle Course Basic $85
Jul 28 Range Safety Officer Course (RSO) Range Safety $75
Aug 11 Basic Pistol Course Basic $85
Sep 20,21 & 22 Basic Muzzleloading Course Basic $100
Oct 13 Basic Pistol Course Basic $85
Oct 26 & 27 Basic Rifle Course Basic $85
Nov 3 Basic Shotgun Basic $85
Nov 10 Metallic Cartridge Reloading Basic $85
Dec 1 Shotshell Reloading Basic $85
Dec 8 Range Safety Officer Course (RSO) Range Safety $75

**Prerequisite Basic Pistol

***Prerequisite Basic Pistol & PPITH

Course Type Minimum Students Maximum Students
Basic/Intermediate 4 16
Instructor 6 12

join_nra07Please note that Course Minimum Enrollments must be met one week prior to the course or it will be canceled to free up the facilities for Chapter members. We also must order materials, staff the course and plan the course support.

Minors are allowed in BASIC courses with their parent or guardian present. Minors who have reached 13-17 years of age may take the instructor course to receive an Apprentice rating.

Persons 18-20 years of age may take the instructor course to receive an Assistant rating. Neither can teach courses on their own. However, they may participate as part of the training team or teach with a certified instructor in any discipline that they hold. Their credentials may upgraded to the next level providing they are kept current and the candidates receive the recommendation of the Certified instructors with whom they have been working.

To register for any of the courses please click REGISTER

We may add courses to this list so please check back often.

2 Responses to NRA Firearms Training

  1. I would like to sign up for the RSO course on Dec 6.

    A new member I brought in Mon 9th of Nov, would also like to sign up.

    His name is Jay Toigo. Is the class only for members of IWLA?

  2. Chris Kerley Chris Kerley says:

    All of the NRA classes that are taught at the LCC-IWLA must be signed up through the NRA Training website ( These classes are open to members and non-members alike. Please email me for more information. Chris Kerley

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