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Optimizing web page

We have made a change to the website to speed up page loads. If you notice anything has changed (such as the background on the pull down menus), please email the webmaster.

New Conservation page added!

Under the Activities menu, Paul Kreingold has added a new conservation page. The page is full of content, including a Forest Stewardship Plan developed for the chapter by the Virginia Department of Forestry, facility maps, and pictures of many of our conservation events.

You can view the new page here:

Web Page Updates in Progress

We are updating the web site to the latest version of WordPress and plugins. You should see some improvement in the site's speed. If anything is broken, please contact

Chapter Elections 8/8/16 8pm


Chapter's 2015 Membership Picnic

This years membership picnic was another great opportunity for volunteers and members to get together and enjoy a Chapter Autumn day while discovering amenities offered and providing complementary instruction introduce members and their guests to the many programs offered at the Chapter by representative volunteers managing those programs.

Special thanks to Joan Strahler event coordinator with her volunteer staff, and Jerry Titus, Ned Lockwood, Steve Howe, Derek Zurfluh, Paul Kreingold, Chris Kerley, Gary Deck, Clyde Coble, Jim Washburne, and the many other volunteer members who made the day's events possible.