Facilities Use Request


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Facilities Use Requests

Here at the Loudoun Chapter of the IWLA, we are committed to playing an active role in our community, and a major part of that commitment is sharing our facilities with outside groups when sponsored  by a chapter member.

tracks01It is commonplace for Boy Scout, church groups, and other civic organizations from around the county to reserve our one of a kind facility for their outdoor educational activites. We also make our chapter grounds available to chapter members for private events. There are very few if any private or public facilites in Loudoun that can offer the breadth of outdoors activities that we can, and we are very proud of our continuing support of other Loudoun civic organizations.

To request usage of our chapter grounds, please download and submit a reservation request form, and file it with us using the guidelines contained within the form. Any group granted permission to utilize any part of the chapter facilities must follow all of the chapter rules and regulations. For a current copy of these rules and regulations please have your sponsoring member provide a copy of the chapter Rules and Regulations document located in the "members only" section of this website. We look forward to working with your group to promote a safe, fun, and enriching event.