Range Rules & Hours

Sight-In & Skeet Range Regulations Hours as of 9/28/20 are now 9am to 6pm, Monday thru Saturday

Ranges are CLOSED on Sundays, except for special Chapter events and education with RO present.

5 stand

Young Five Stand Shooter

Autumn/Winter Hours: Mon-Sat 9a-6p
Last Monday in Sept through last Saturday in Feb

Spring/Summer Hours: Mon-Sat 9a-7p
Last Monday in Feb through last Saturday in Sept

Next Range Work Day: Check the Events Calendar for the next Range Work Day. (Hint: select the "month" view for faster scanning.)

PLEASE NOTE  hours of operation posted at the ranges should ALWAYS be observed if posted information conflicts with what is on this web page.

For a current copy of the Range Rules please see the chapter Rules and Regulations document located in the "Members Area" of the website. Have fun, and be SAFE.

  • Safety first alert. All shooters on the ranges and/or attempting to use the ranges MUST yield to work crews on site.
  • Please remove all of your trash from the range area and place it in the chapter dumpster.