Shotgun Range

Shotgun Range: Open 9am-5pm, Closed Sundays

Shotgun Range Pavilion & New Wall

Welcome to the LCCIWLA Skeet/Shotgun Range. For a current copy of the Shotgun Range Rules please see section 6 of the chapter Rules and Regulations document located in the "Members Area" of the website. Have fun, be SAFE and remember use 2-3/4 dram equivalent and #9 shot only!

Until further notice, no shooting on the skeet range from stations #1 and #8 at either the high house or low house targets until repairs can be made to those Skeet range positions.

To contact the Range Director Dave Geier or Shotgun Range Chairman Chris Kerley with ideas, concerns or suggestions.

Shotgun Solar Panel Stands

Trap Machine Solar Panel Mount

Shotgun Range Improvements!

We replaced the old rotten railroad ties that form the wall in front of the pavilion with new pressure treated timbers. Look out for another Shotgun Range Work Day where we plan to complete this project.

Previously we added new stands for all of the field trap machines to hold their solar panels and wireless receivers. This should help keep them out of the snow and provide better charging power to the batteries and improved reception from the wireless controller.

Future Shotgun Range Improvements include:

Replacement of the pavers for the 5 stand shooting locations with concrete pads.

If you have any ideas for improving our shotgun range please pass them along to the Shotgun Range Chairman, Chris Kerley.

Introducing Wobble Trap to the Loudoun IWLA Shotgun Range!

We have added a wobble trap to the Loudoun IWLA Shotgun Range.  The wobble trap is open to all members that have range access and will be open during normal range hours. Here are the range rules for the wobble trap:
  • Wobble trap shall only be shot from stations 3, 4 or 5 of the skeet range or any one of the 5-Stand stations.
  • You will be required to provide your own clay targets when not participating in a Fun Shoot or 5-Stand event. Standard size clay targets are required.
  • All other Loudoun IWLA Shotgun Range rules apply to the wobble trap.

5 Stand Sporting Clays Course

Open on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of each month, 9AM - 1PM. The 5 stand course overlays the skeet field and is open on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of the month from 9am to 1pm. Skeet shooting will not be available during the operation of the 5 stand. The 5 stand course is only open under the supervision of Loudoun IWLA trained Range Officers. The 5 stand course consist of 7 traps, including rabbit, tower and teal targets.

Each round of 5 stand consist of 25 targets and cost $6.00 per round. Discount cards are available, 5 rounds for $28 or 10 rounds for $50. Come join us for a few rounds, the range officers will load the traps, pull the targets and keep score all you have to do is yell “pull”. If you are new sporting clays plenty of free unsolicited advice will be heaped upon you. Please remember 2-3/4 dram #9 shot is all that is allowed to be used on the range.

Monthly Shotgun Fun Shoot and Shotgun Range Orientation

If you are a new member interested in learning how to safely use the shotgun range, or a not so new member looking for a refresher course please come out for a morning of instruction and fun. Or if you're just simply looking for an excuse to leave the family behind and do some shooting, this is your chance. Feel free to bring all your toys to share and get other's introduced to various firearms. And of course bring neighbors, friends and other non-member guests. This is a great opportunity to give them an introduction into our facilities.

The Shotgun Fun Shoot Orientations (not the new member orientation) will begin at 8:45am and continue throughout the morning as needed. The shooting starts at 9:00am. For those that need a refresher on how to load the skeet machines here is a short video that steps you through the process of loading the skeet machines at the Loudoun IWLA.

Loudoun IWLA 25 Straight Club

25-straightDo you have what it takes to break 25 straight? If so you can be one of the first to earn the Izaak Walton League 25 straight patch. Simply record your perfect round and have at least one witness sign the score sheet. Turn your score sheet into the Shotgun Range Chairman and then your 25 Straight Patch will be awarded at the next membership meeting.

To contact the Shotgun Range Chairman, please use this slide out contact form located on the left edge of this page, using the drop-down menu to send mail to the shotgun range content member.

25 Straight Club Members:

  • Warren Vernon (May ’10)
  • Chris Kerley (March ’10)
  • Seth Frantz (Sept ’09)
  • Tom Martwinski (Aug ’09)
  • Joel Foley (Aug ’09)
  • Rick White (June ’08)
  • Greg Bush (May ’08)
  • Mark Crain (Nov ’07)
  • Dave Velke (Sept ’07)
  • John Wannamaker (Aug ’07)

Family Skeet Marksmanship Program

nra_awardThe Loudoun IWLA provides this family marksmanship program FREE to all members and their families. The family marksmanship program is run on the honor system and scores count no matter where or when you shoot. The program is self-paced and designed to encourage shooters of all ages to improve their shooting skills.

Rules and Awards. Scores should be recorded during an official round of skeet using NSSA rules...

  • Any shotgun 12 gauge or smaller may be used
  • In accordance with Loudoun IWLA range rules ammunition must be #9 shot
  • Shotgun can be mounted on shoulder before calling for target
  • Scores must be witnessed and signed by an NRA member


Youth shooters acquire a discipline patch and as each rating is earned, they receive a skill level rocker, medal, and certificate that recognize and highlight their achievement. Adult participants will receive NRA Marksmanship Lapel pins Awards will be handed out at the monthly Loudoun IWLA membership meeting or during the Sunday Youth Programs. Signed and dated Marksmanship Program Score Sheets can be deposited in the skeet range communication box located in the shotgun pavilion. For more info contact the Shotgun Range Chairman using the LCCIWLA contact form found on the tab at the left side of your browser window.

Marksmanship Qualifiers

Pro-Marksman Marksman Marksman 1st class Sharpshooter Expert Distinguished Expert
11 or better out of an official round of skeet (25 targets) 13 or better out of an official round of skeet (25 targets) 15 or better out of an official round of skeet (25 targets) 17 or better out of an official round of skeet (25 targets) 19 or better out of an official round of skeet (25 targets) 22 or better out of an official round of skeet (25 targets)
2 times 4 times 6 times 6 times 10 times 10 times